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Our products and services span every stage of the scheduling process.

Instead of merely providing a software package, we offer a combination of software and service, tailored to your needs. You choose and pay for only the services and options you need. Our services include:

Data Migration
Avoid unnecessary re-entry of data! Use in conjunction with your existing administrative software (if it has data import/export capability).
Data Collection
Including Internet web-based student class (pre)registration. If you have an Internet connection, this saves you from setting up your own server (the hardware, expertise, security concerns, and hassle that entails), while allowing students to enter their own class requests.
Problem Formulation
Receive expert advice on how to define your problem.
Professional Schedule Solving
Have our trained staff solve your problems for you using our own proprietary algorithms, and receive high quality solutions from us.
Schedule Distribution
Print and electronic distribution options.
Get a customized package to suit your needs and budget. Select from various options in each category, including none, if this is something you do not need.

A complete package costs a lot less less than you might think! Ask for a free demo and/or custom quote today.

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