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How the Automated SchedulingTM process works

A general outline for how the scheduling process would be conducted is shown below. The specifics will vary from school to school. Schools may choose from a variety of options, so that it is customized to their needs and so they will not have to pay for a lot of features they do not need.
  1. Schools decide what features and options they want and the timeline required for completing scheduling.
  2. Automated SchedulingTM imports data the schools already have in their existing databases, if desired, to minimize the data entry.
  3. Automated SchedulingTM provides a combination of electronic forms, paper forms, and scheduling data-entry software, and Internet based data entry, depending on the options selected by school.
  4. Schools define their scheduling constraints. Automated SchedulingTM provides consulting assistance.
  5. Automated SchedulingTM generates a schedule in accordance with the constraints. If no satisfactory solution is possible, Automated SchedulingTM will suggest changes.
  6. The school reviews the resulting schedule. At this point, the school may accept the schedule, or decide to manually alter the schedule. (We can provide software to make this easier.)
  7. Or, if the school has had some changes to the scheduling problem (e.g. in constraints, or the student body, or the faculty), these can be made and Automated SchedulingTM can re-solve for the updated problem.
  8. Once the school accepts a final schedule, Automated SchedulingTM will distribute the schedule according to the selected distribution options, or if the school prefers, let the school itself or a third party handle distribution.

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