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First Name: Last Name:
School/District Name:
Street Address:
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City: State: ZIP:
Primary person responsible for scheduling.
If not, role in scheduling:
Inform me about upcoming seminars in my area.
I want to see a free demo for Windows 95 or higher.
Send me more information about the scheduling service.
I want a free quote on the scheduling service.

My question/comment/problem/concern (if any) is:

Which platforms are you interested in using for scheduling?
IBM iSeries OS/400.
Apple Macitosh OS 9.
Apple Macitosh OS X.
Microsoft Windows 3.1.
Microsoft Windows 95.
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.
Microsoft Windows 98.
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Ed.
Microsoft Windows 2000.
Microsoft Windows Millennium.
Microsoft Windows XP.
Microsoft Windows Vista.
Microsoft Windows 7.
Microsoft Windows 8.
Microsoft Windows 8.1.
Microsoft Windows 10.

What tools do you currently use for scheduling?
Outside Consultant:
Scheduling Software:
Administrative Software:
Database Software:
Spreadsheet Software
Tack/Magnetic/White/Black Board
Pen and Paper
Etch A Sketch®

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